Our Philosophy

Get the job done safely and affordably. Work together. Have fun. Build a successful business that provides value in our community.

Images Happy Smiling Logistical Employee Holding Hose


The safety of our employees is our top priority. We believe it is our duty as a company to provide the necessary training, equipment and resources that allow our staff to safely focus on their responsibilities and complete them as needed. Our company’s health and safety program was developed specifically for our firm and the services we provide. We have our own internal Health and Safety officer within the company that is available 24/7 to both our staff and clients. Our staff is trained following a “Hands On” approach so they may be able to apply safety properly in the field. We offer these same programs as a service to our clients.


In the marketplace, we have often found that the timely completion of the project can be overlooked. Our first priority is to complete the highest quality project within the client’s timeline. While conference calls, meetings, emails, and site visits may be necessary, too many can adversely impact the schedule and raise project cost. Our LOSO project management team maintains an awareness of potential interference to make sure that all time associated with a project has value.


​Logistical Solutions listens carefully to our clients and provides solutions specifically designed to meet your needs. We understand that it is important that we show up on time with the right resources. We realize the importance of project schedules and deadlines. We adapt our level of communication to the specific needs of each client.


Logistical Solutions strives to be an affordable service provider in our community. We believe that we possess value beyond the unit price of our service. Careful maintenance and upkeep of our equipment, on-going training of our personnel, and the assembly of our experienced personnel are important to our commitment to delivering quality solutions.


Our company desires to build long lasting relationships. Long lasting relationships, allow our company to better understand our client’s needs and expectations. Our core belief, having fun, is a reflection of our wish to build strong relationships with our clients and our employees. We want our partners to enjoy their interaction with our company and recommend us to others. Internally, we want our employees to be passionate about what they do. We support our employees by offering a variety of incentives and acknowledgements for their achievements.


We believe our business has a responsibility that extends beyond just running a company. We give back to our community and also support the growth of our overall industry. We encourage our employees to get involved in trade organizations within our industry. We also support outside organizations such as American Red Cross, Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Heart Foundation, Shade Tree, Opportunity Village and many more. Our firm has also supported community education regarding recycling and sponsor of recycling activities at First Friday Arts Festival.


The financial strength of a company directly impacts its ability to function properly and deliver quality service to its clients. Logistical Solutions takes great pride in its ability to operate financially strong.