Environmental, Health & Safety

Our Health and Safety (EHS) Division provides both field and consulting services. At Logistical Solutions, our approach to designing solutions for our clients is centered on our philosophy of wanting to get the job done. We often apply a common sense approach based on our technical excellence, regulatory experience and extensive field practice. Our technical staff consists of degreed personnel with backgrounds in civil & environmental engineering, industrial hygiene, geology, hazardous materials management, environmental science and safety.

Our field staff maintains a diverse array of certifications demonstrating technical excellence and continued education. Our firm owns a fleet of heavy equipment providing us the ability to manage project costs, expediting project delivery and optimizing quality. Our goal is to clean up our client sites in an affordable, timely and safely manner while raising quality standard in our community.

Emergency Response/Remediation
• Saddle Tank Rupture
• Industrial Releases
• Vehicle Accidents
• Excavation
• Orphan Drums
• Load Shifts
• Petroleum Cleanups
• Hazardous Material Cleanups
• Illegal Dumping

Environmental Contracting
• Certified Environmental Managers (CEM)
• Excavation
• UST Closure
• Roll-Off Boxes
• Groundwater Well Over-Purging
• Permitting
• Remediation Design

Industrial Hygiene
• Asbestos, Lead & Mold
• Odor Detection
• Legionella
• Noise Monitoring
• Employee Exposure Monitoring
• Expert Testimony
• Remediation Support
• Program Development
• Compliance Audits
• Silica Monitoring

Trauma/Crime Scene Cleanup
• Crime Scene Cleanup
• Suicide Cleanup
• Police Car / General Auto Cleaning
• Decomposition
• Traffic Accident Cleanup
• Blood Cleanup
• Meth Lab Cleanup
• Marijuana Grow House Cleaning
• Odor Cleanup
• Fingerprint Dust Removal
• Tear Gas Removal
• Hoarders/ Clutter Cleanup
• Cat/Dog/Rodent Droppings Cleanup
• MRSA, Swine Flu (H1N1), C-Diff, Scabies & Staph

Waste Management & Disposal
• Haz/Non Haz Waste Characterization
• Haz/Non Haz Waste Transportation & Disposal
• CESQG Waste Management & Disposal
• Drum Management
• Waste Minimization
• Segragatopm
• Biennial Reporting
• Solid Waste Cost Reduction Strategies
• Recycling Optimization
• Sand/Oil/Water Separator Management

• Respirator Protection
• Fit Testing
• Hearing Conservation
• Safety Training
• Program Development
• Written Workplace Safety
• On-Site Safety Support
• Lockout/Tag Out
• Project Oversight
• Compliance Audits

Training Services
• OSHA 8 Hour Refresher
• Asbestos Awareness
• Mold Awareness
• Heat Stress
• Lead Awareness
• Blood Borne Pathogen Training
• Confined Space Training
• Fall Protection
• Fork Lift Safety
• Other Training Services Available Upon Request